Demo License

General Information

Font Software: Digital typography should be considered as software, its use is protected by intellectual property law. When downloading a demo typeface –herein called Font Software–, the user does not get the ownership of the font but the license to use it. This licence agreements sets out what is permitted and what isn’t while using the fonts.

Format: Demo fonts are provided in OpenType (OTF) Desktop only.


End User Agreement License (EULA)

01 — License Grant: Avant Foundry grants a limited License User the right to use the Font Software in accordance with the terms and conditions of this End User Agreement.

02 — Intellectual Property: The downloaded digital files contain Font Software that is the intellectual property of the font’s respective designer, represented herein by Avant Foundry, that owns the rights for distribution and reserves all rights to intellectual property.

03 — General usage: This license is for demo desktop purposes only. In order to use the demo typeface in a final ready document file, please visit to purchase a full license.

04 — Usage Restrictions: You may not use the font for purposes other than those stated in this agreement. Embedding, installing or using this Font Software for Printed Materials and Static Images (Logos and Printed Stationery, Packaging, Posters, Printed Brochure, Books & Magazines, etc.), Mobile Apps, Electronic Publications, Original Equipment Manufacturer, Broadcasting, Video Games, Web Templates, etc. is not allowed.

Any and all rights reserved Avant Foundry, owned by